hello there!

welcome to my website! it's currently a huge work-in-progress as i learn html and css! i hope you're willing to come along on this journey with me :D
(it'd be appreciated if you could share any tips/resources you know!! either reach me through my neocities or elsewhere! also, it'd be appreciated if some terms that are commonly used around here were explained as well!)

i've honestly been wanting to make a website like this for a while ever since i found out about neocities- my final push was browsing some websites and stumbling upon ones such as 5amgirlfriend's site! i think the whole idea of neocities users taking part of the web back is truly incredible, and i'd want to be part of that too! i truly hope that i can make the most and, someday, my own site will be just how i'm imagining it! i've used sites such as listography and carrd in the past, but the idea of being able to have a custom-made site of my own, one without restrictions or set templates, is ultimately the biggest appeal of all this.

thank you for your patience and for viewing my site in it's super early stages! i hope we can grow and learn together! :D


about the webmaster

i think it's a good idea for at least a little information about me to be on here, other than my lack of experience!
it's a pleasure to meet you, please call me ox! i'm a current college student majoring in computer animation.

i'll write more about myself... eventually. i'm not the best at doing "about" sections on anything ^^; you can find my personal carrd here and my art-focused carrd here for now!